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/ Principal message

It’s my great pleasure to be a part of the BMSC family. Having been associated with school education in various national and international schools and colleges, I came with varied and rich experience in shaping schools to enhance the contribution of teachers in bringing out the best in the students.

BIAM Model School & College, Dhaka is a renowned educational institution under the direct supervision of BIAM FOUNDATION authority. Within very short span of time, the institution has become well-known to the vigilant guardians and students for its high standard management, qualified teachers and outstanding results. The institution is presenting the nation disciplined and worthy citizens because of the high standard discipline, teaching methods and teacher–student relationship of this institution. The success of the students of this institution in the public exams has been highly praised. The students also have a bright success in different co-curricular activities like Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Quiz Competition, Debate Competition, Games, and Cultural Competition etc. BMSC is always determined to performing its responsibility to build-up ethical, disciplined and modern technology-oriented nation.

A school exists for its students – to give them an education that will help prepare them for future life in the modern world; to encourage a thirst for knowledge that will hopefully continue beyond compulsory schooling; to help develop an understanding of justice, of right and wrong and those values which help create a decent society; and to provide an environment in which their talents and abilities can thrive. We want to be a truly inclusive community school offering all our students, whatever their level of ability, a great experience in the classroom, fantastic extra –curricular opportunities, strong pastoral support and good role models. In return we expect the highest standards of learning, patriotism, attendance, manners and appearance from our students and make no apologies for that.

I firmly believe that a high standard institution assembled with the combined effort of teachers, students, guardians, management committee and community people. Hence co-operation from all for the up-gradation of the institution is always earnestly desirable. Any kind of advice from the guardians and well-wishers for the development of the institution is highly valued. Let’s prepare our children for facing the challenges of 21 century and contribute to the nation.